HazBlog-005: Cyclone Harold, Defoliation, and Mass Wasting in Vanuatu

Steep topography, significant vegetation, and a category 4-5 tropical cyclone. This was the unfortunate reality for the people of Vanuatu on 6 April 2020. Vanuatu is an archipelago consisting of some 83 islands in the South Pacific. Checking out the imagery available on Google Earth will quickly show you the place is not a strangerContinue reading “HazBlog-005: Cyclone Harold, Defoliation, and Mass Wasting in Vanuatu”

HazBlog-002: Mass Wasting in Burundi, December 2019

The HazMapper project was first envisioned and designed for locating mass wasting events in vegetated environments. We quickly realized that the Google Earth Engine application that we built can be used as a multi-hazard platform, as exemplified by the tornado-track example in our first post. Here we discuss the capabilities of HazMapper for its initialContinue reading “HazBlog-002: Mass Wasting in Burundi, December 2019”