HazBlog-002: Mass Wasting in Burundi, December 2019

The HazMapper project was first envisioned and designed for locating mass wasting events in vegetated environments. We quickly realized that the Google Earth Engine application that we built can be used as a multi-hazard platform, as exemplified by the tornado-track example in our first post. Here we discuss the capabilities of HazMapper for its initialContinue reading “HazBlog-002: Mass Wasting in Burundi, December 2019”

HazBlog-001: Introduction and Easter Tornado Swarm – Southeast USA 2020

Welcome to the HazMapper Blog.  This is where we will post short, timely summaries of recent natural disaster events from around the world utilizing the soon-to-be publicly available, open-source and web-based HazMapper Google Earth Application. A widespread tornado outbreak affected the southeastern US on Sunday and Monday, April 12-13, 2020 (Easter weekend). A strong atmosphericContinue reading “HazBlog-001: Introduction and Easter Tornado Swarm – Southeast USA 2020”